Polls show that Americans are angry with the radical agenda of the Biden administration. Some political analysts believe that Republicans will sweep to victory in the 2022 midterm elections. Sadly, none of this will be possible without election reform.

The will of the people will only be expressed if there are free and fair elections in this country. Most Republican activists are convinced that the 2020 election was stolen from President Donald Trump. The media, Democrats and establishment Republicans call this claim the “big lie.”

Thus, we are to believe that Democrat candidate Joe Biden, a man who held almost no rallies and spent most of the presidential campaign in his basement, generated a historic vote total of eighty-one million in the 2020 election. In the campaign, Biden attracted only a few thousand people to all his public events, whereas President Donald Trump attracted two million people.

While Trump had enthusiastic supporters, Biden was supported by voters who were motivated by their hatred of the President. In the campaign, Biden displayed obvious signs of mental decline. During the first year of his presidency, Biden’s mental incapacity has grown significantly. Unfortunately, our country is stuck with a mentally incompetent and potentially fraudulent President.

Such a disaster must be rectified. It will start with a massive outpouring of outraged voters in the 2022 midterm elections. To make sure this surge of voters is accurately registered in this upcoming election and all future elections, there must be zero tolerance for voter fraud.

In the past year, approximately twenty states have passed election reform legislation. In Louisiana, we must join this movement and take steps to guarantee our elections are clean. Unfortunately, several strong election reform bills were vetoed by Louisiana’s liberal Democrat Governor John Bel Edwards after the last legislative session. One election bill that was signed by the Governor was Senate Bill 221. If the bill were really a major step toward election reform would Edwards have signed it?

The bill created a commission that will make new voting machine recommendations to Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin, who will make the final decision. The new voting machines in Louisiana will have to create an auditable paper voting record and cannot be connected to the Internet.

The problem is that the ultimate decision will still be made by Ardoin, a former lobbyist, who assumed the position of Secretary of State after sexual harassment allegations forced his predecessor to resign.

In two previous failed attempts, critics, including voting machine vendors, have maintained that Ardoin tried to steer a multi-million-dollar new contract to Dominion Voting Systems, which is paid by the state to maintain all our old voting machines.

In the last election, many Trump supporters raised questions about the safety and integrity of the Dominion voting machines. In response, Dominion has tried to bludgeon their critics by filing lawsuits against them totaling $1.3 billion.

One Dominion critic is renowned election analyst Colonel Phil Waldron, who was invited to testify before the Louisiana voting commission. Waldron has asserted that the President of a communist Chinese bank is on the board of directors of a private equity firm that owns Dominion. He also has stated that the only company with access to the codes and testing for Dominion is based in Shenzhen, China. While Dominion has rejected these claims, they certainly merit further investigation at a minimum.

Dominion machines have been primarily used in Louisiana for many years. Their machines are also used in over twenty states, including all the battleground states that Biden won in 2020.

With such controversy about Dominion voting machines and software, how can Louisiana voters have full confidence in our elections? At a minimum, all foreign influence must be removed from Louisiana elections. It is imperative that a full-scale and independent audit be conducted. For complete confidence, voting should be done on hand-marked paper ballots that are scanned. There must be no opportunity for any outside influence or hacking of our election results.

The Secretary of State does not support such reforms. He strongly defends the conduct of his office and the integrity of the vote in Louisiana with our Dominion machines.

Many Louisiana residents disagree with Ardoin and believe the 2019 gubernatorial election results were suspicious. In my view, after the 2020 presidential race, all election results should be viewed with suspicion.

Based on my research, which I outlined in several articles for The Hayride, Louisiana voters have a right to be concerned. As an example, I raised questions about vote totals in recent elections in selected precincts in Jefferson Parish.

This generated a furious response from the Secretary’s political operative John Tobler, who made a variety of personal attacks against me. Tobler is a long-time political consultant who has served in a variety of state government jobs and now works for Ardoin as a political adviser.

Instead of spending his time on the state payroll attacking a commentator raising questions, it would be a better use of his time to provide the voters of Louisiana with elections that were beyond reproach. Instead, Tobler doth protest too much.

In his most recent response to my series of articles on questionable election numbers in our state, Tobler points to election “stats,” and further, he argues that he and his boss are doing, “a damn good job of keeping our elections clean.”

Really, the “stats” show that? According to a recent U.S. Census report, there are 383, 997 residents in Orleans Parish. The census also says 20% are under eighteen, so they cannot legally vote, which leaves approximately 307,197 adult residents.

If 5% of this total are illegal aliens or undocumented migrants, and the figure is probably much higher, this leaves us with a total of 291,837 voting age residents of New Orleans.

Let us estimate another 2%, an extremely low estimate, are former felons who have not done the paperwork required to reestablish their right to vote. This leaves us with a total of 286,000 non-felon, legal adult residents who can register to vote.

If 60% of these individuals registered to vote that would yield 171,600 registered voters in Orleans Parish. If 70% of them registered to vote that would be 200,200 registered voters. If 80% of the eligible legal adults registered to vote that would be an exceedingly high percentage, unrealistically high, and it would result in 228,800 registered voters.

So how many registered voters does the Secretary of State claim are legally registered to vote in Orleans Parish? He claims there are 273,640 registered voters in the parish. What?! This is an astounding 96%!

Who in his right mind believes 96% of the eligible citizens in Orleans Parish are legally registered to vote? No one, that’s who.

Mr. Tobler, you declare that you and your boss are doing “a damn good job of keeping our elections clean,” but we have problems galore. We cannot completely trust the voting machines, nor can we trust the voter rolls.

Mr. Tobler, instead of constantly patting yourself and your boss on the back and attacking me, wake up, do your job, and give the citizens of Louisiana honest vote counts.

Stop spending your time and taxpayer money trying to convince us that we have honest vote counts, when the “stats,” as you like to call them, show the opposite.