In 2020, the early Democratic primaries were disastrous for former Vice President Joe Biden. He lost the first few states and there was real concern that socialist U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) would become the party’s presidential nominee.

At that point, a major party leader, U.S. Congressman James Clyburn (D-SC) stepped forward to single handedly save the Biden campaign and deliver the state of South Carolina to Joe Biden. His endorsement was powerful and effectively ended the nomination contest. After South Carolina’s victory, it was clear sailing for Biden toward the Democratic Party presidential nomination.

Democrat voters were told that Biden was “solid,” a “moderate” and “reasonable.” If elected, it was promised, Biden would deliver traditional Democrat policies, within the mainstream.

In the 2020 general election versus President Donald Trump, Biden was promoted to the American people as an “adult” who would restore America’s standing and leadership in the world. With Biden as President, America would rebuild our relationship with allies that had supposedly been tarnished by the “unhinged” and ‘unpredictable” Trump.

Of course, the reality of the last three years has shown the American people the Biden campaign’s promises of 2020 were complete lies.

As President, Biden has supported policies as destructive and progressive as any in American history. Most progressives, like Senator Sanders, are supportive of Biden’s agenda and surprised that the “moderate” President never materialized.

As President, Biden has rarely collaborated with Republicans on bi-partisan legislation as he promised. In his first year, he issued 77 executive orders, more than any of his recent predecessors.

While Democrats controlled both Houses of Congress, Biden worked to pass gargantuan pieces of legislation. The American Rescue Plan cost $1.9 trillion, the Infrastructure bill cost $1.2 trillion and the ludicrously named Inflation Reduction Act cost $1.2 trillion.

Not surprisingly, such an explosion of federal government spending has led to a huge expansion in the federal debt to $33.96 trillion, an increase of $6.2 trillion since Biden took office.

The rapid surge in spending also caused a steady increase in inflation throughout the first two years of Biden’s term, reaching as high as 9.06% in June of 2022. Today, the inflation rate is 3.14%, still much higher than the 1.4% level at the end of the Trump administration.

To combat the skyrocketing increase in inflation, the Federal Reserve increased interest rates 11 times, to the highest levels since 2001. This effectively boosted mortgage rates outside of the price range of many families trying to buy a home and enjoy the American dream. In just one year, mortgage payments soared 19% for homebuyers.

Without question, President Joe Biden’s economic policies created financial chaos for American families. The impact of “Bidenomics” has been incredibly negative, which is a major reason Biden’s poll numbers are so horrific. A recent Monmouth University poll showed Biden’s approval rating at a record low 34% level.

Biden is also unpopular because he created chaos at our southern border. Instead of maintaining President Trump’s successful policies, he decided to roll out the welcome mat for the world.

He ended Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy, reinstituted “Catch and Release,” and stopped construction of the border wall. The result has been an influx of millions of undocumented migrants into our country.

Border states and major cities are overwhelmed with migrants and are looking for more federal assistance to deal with the influx. Our border patrol is understaffed and unable to do more than process the tremendous surge of migrants crossing into our country.

Instead of making improvements, the Biden administration is only making the problem worse. Over the past month, 300,000 migrants crossed the southern border into the country. This is a new record, surpassing the September 2023 total of 270,000 border crossings.

Under Biden, our immigration system is totally broken. Most migrants are allowed into the country with no asylum screenings and court dates for several years in the future. It is so ridiculous that less than 800 immigration judges are supposed to oversee a backlog of 3 million cases.

Worldwide, Biden has also created tremendous chaos in the last three years. His withdrawal of our troops from Afghanistan in 2021 was the biggest foreign policy debacle in recent United States history.

In our hasty exit, thirteen military service members were killed in a terrorist attack, and we left behind American citizens and Afghan allies. We gave a terrorist group, the Taliban, control of the entire country, including all the military equipment we left behind and the enormous Bagram air base.

The embarrassing exit and resulting damage to our international reputation undoubtedly encouraged Russian President Vladimir Putin to invade Ukraine in February of 2022. The war is still raging, almost two years later, despite $113 billion in American military and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine.

There is also the Israel-Hamas war, largely caused by the Biden administration’s soft policy toward Iran, which lessened sanctions and enriched the world’s foremost sponsor of terrorism.

Along with the two ongoing wars, North Korea is saber rattling and “preparing for war” against the United States. It just launched its first successful spy satellite into space.

In addition, China is continuing to threaten Taiwan, after successfully sending a spy balloon across our country. Venezuela is also threatening to invade the neighboring country of Guyana.

While Donald Trump was President, none of this domestic or international chaos was occurring. In fact, there was prosperity at home and peace abroad.

Trump engaged the North Korean dictator in three successful summits. While Trump was President, Putin invaded no countries and Hamas did not have the resources to invade Israel because of the considerable sanctions he placed on their major benefactor, Iran.

During the Trump presidency, our southern border was secure, and our economy was strong.

In this upcoming election, the choice for the American people will be chaos (Biden) versus stability (Trump).

After the debacle of the Joe Biden presidency, is there any doubt which choice the American people will make in November?