The voters of Louisiana are embarking on the most important election season in state history. In this crucial 2023 election, Louisiana voters will determine the next Governor, all statewide officials and the 144 members of the Legislature.

This election will occur after years of economic distress, caused by misguided state policies, the punitive actions of the Biden administration and the lingering effects of the Governor’s approach to the COVID pandemic.

While other states flourished during the pandemic and embraced freedom, Louisiana enforced lockdown policies pushed by a liberal Democrat Governor. These measures were imposed in the name of “public safety,” but were counterproductive.

These actions caused Louisiana, once again, to lose jobs and businesses to neighboring states. The resulting damage especially harmed our tourist industry, one of the few remaining pillars of our weak economy.

The lessons are clear, never again should our state government force businesses to close or Louisiana citizens to be injected with a vaccine which they believe is detrimental to their health or inconsistent with their values.

As the Biden administration pursues renewable energy sources and focuses on electric vehicles, it has declared war on the fossil fuel industry, critical to our state’s economy. The moratorium on oil and gas drilling on federal leases, both on land and offshore, was a contributing factor in the decline in our state’s economy.

The results have been devastating as the latest census figures show Louisiana is in the top five in the nation in population loss. In the period between July 2021 and July 2022, Louisiana lost a staggering 36,857 people. As our neighbors are booming, Louisiana has been losing our next generation of leaders. Our sons and daughters are moving to Florida and Texas and other states.

As our state politicians are rearranging the chairs on the deck of the Titanic, Louisiana is economically sinking, not from an iceberg, but from horrific policies. We are not effectively competing with our neighboring states economically, a contest much more important than college football.

For example, Texas, Florida, Tennessee and six other states have eliminated the income tax. In 2023, Mississippi’s conservative Governor will push for his state to join their ranks.

In contrast, Louisiana offers an onerous tax climate. We have the highest sales taxes in the nation, coupled with a state income tax, local property taxes and franchise taxes.

The supporters of our current tax system claim that Louisiana cannot join our neighboring states by eliminating income taxes. Supposedly, it will create too big of a deficit in the state budget, so the income will have to be replaced elsewhere.

Really? Louisiana has one of largest state governments, per capita, in the country. Our state government should be reduced dramatically.

While the population of Louisiana has been stagnant for the past few decades, the state government budget has skyrocketed from $16 billion in 2003 to over $47 billion today.

Louisiana has a plethora of state bureaucrats and poor people receiving government assistance, but not enough taxpayers or businesses to grow the economy. Taxpayers and growing businesses need a reason to move to Louisiana.

Yes, Louisiana has great people, a rich history, a unique culture, tremendous attractions, the best food in the world, festivals, music, unmatched entertainment options, superb outdoor activities, beautiful architecture, gorgeous bayous, Mardi Gras, the Jazz Fest, the French Quarter, streetcars, riverboats, the mighty Mississippi River and much more.

What we do not offer is good public schools, adequate infrastructure, a low tax environment, or a reputation for honest politicians. Historically, corruption and Louisiana politics go together like red beans and rice.

Sadly, we also do not offer public safety. Shreveport and Baton Rouge are two of the most crime ridden cities, per capita, in the nation. Once again, New Orleans has attained the horrific title of Murder Capital of the nation.

In 2022, according to the Metropolitan Crime Commission, there were 280 murders in New Orleans, the highest level since 1996. At that time, New Orleans had a much larger population, prior to Hurricane Katrina, so the murder rate per capita in 2022 was astronomical.

Under the so-called leadership of New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell, the jewel of Louisiana has been suffering greatly. It is so awful that outraged citizens are making a valiant effort to recall her.

This type of activism needs to be replicated statewide for the 2023 elections. Fortunately, there is hope on the horizon. Grassroots conservative organizations have already started to organize under the umbrella coalition of

As highlighted on the website, volunteers from several of these organizations worked to elect conservative Republican businessman Michael Pedalino to the Jefferson Parish school board in the December 10 runoff election.

In 2023, these promising efforts must expand statewide because the needs of Louisiana are so great. One upcoming goal will be to work with Louisiana legislators in the spring session to pass a resolution calling for statewide voter rolls to be cleaned up prior to the next election.

There is little doubt that state voter rolls are a mess, filled with people who have died, moved or are ineligible to participate in elections. There are also phantom voters registered at locations such as UPS stores, abandoned buildings, schools, and homeless shelters.

Cleaning up the voter rolls is the first step toward providing the people of Louisiana with honest elections.

With our Save Louisiana coalition, conservative activists will be working in this upcoming statewide election to support candidates who will serve the people and not the government bureaucrats, big donors, or special interests.

To say this is an important election is a massive understatement. We do not have any more time to lose. 2023 must be a year of action for Louisiana conservatives. It is essential that true conservatives be elected to office, not liberal Democrats or establishment Republicans who want to maintain the status quo.

In Louisiana, politics as usual is literally killing our state. These upcoming elections may be our last, best hope, to Save Louisiana.